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CobraRTP Honda Edition R4

Несмотря на трудности связанные с пандемией COVID-19 мы закончили разработку и полное тестирование новой ревизии CobraRTP Honda Edition — R4!
This version, unlike the previous ones (R2-R3) does not have an additional power source (battery). R4 uses a more advanced type of memory, without the need for an additional power source for storing data (non-volatile).

Cobra RTP

This type of memory provides data storage without power for at least 20 years. The board sizes also slightly decreased, the topology and reliability are improved.
Key features Honda Edition R4:

  • Real Time Programming
  • On board datalog adapter
  • Updating device software from USB
  • One size for all types of ECUs (USDM, EDM and JDM)
  • No battery needed (non-volatile memory)
  • Support OBD0, OBD1 ECUs
  • Поддержка 5 программ: HTS, eCtune, Crome, BRE и TurboEDITСтраница для заказа:

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