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Replacement for Moates products

moates net

Hi all!
Many people already know that at the end of 2022 closed and discontinued production. This was unexpected because at one point they announced the following information on their website:

Even the documentation became inaccessible; we were unable to find copies of valuable information from But today we are talking about something else.

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Firmware development

We would like to introduce you to our new section for the development and sale of control programs (firmware) for various cars of the obd 0, obd 1, and obd 2 control systems, mainly cars:

Accord 7 – 10 gen (Keihin, Matsushita)
Civic 3 – 10 gen (OBD1, Keihin, Matsushita)
Odissey (Keihin)
Element, etc.

TL, TSX, RDX, RSX, MDX, RL (Keihin, Matsushita, Motorola)

E34-E46 (Bosch/Siemens MS40-43)

And others…

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Recently, cases of SPAM mailings have become more frequent, allegedly on behalf of the managing director – CobraRTP. The letter will talk about a certain account balance that you need to replenish or something like that.
Our official emails are only:, and

Be careful!

ExTuner: added LSU ADV support!

lsu adv

An important event, we have added ExTuner support for the most advanced wideband oxygen sensor Bosch LSU ADV!

Unlike the previous version 4.9, LSU ADV has a wider operating temperature range, does not require calibration (more precise production) and is recommended for installation in turbocharged cars.

LSU ADV support added in the firmware version v1.58, and is already available to download and update your ExTuner!

We're back at work!

On May 30, 2023, we started having problems in business due to sanctions, and since then we have not been able to work properly, it was a shock. And so, today we are back to work in full!

Now we can accept payments in the following ways: Visa, MasterCard (Maestro), GPay, Belkart, MIR, and we also accept MIR cards from Russian banks without any problems! Just as before, we send cash on delivery and bank transfer across the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

We are expanding! CobraRTP + mirobuilds

mirobuilds cobra

We must announce the expansion of the production geography, and from this moment the company mirobuilds from France officially produce CobraRTP Honda Edition!

This means that our most requested product will be more accessible to customers in France and other EU countries, due to the growing demand for Honda OBD0/1 tuning solutions, which is increasingly difficult for us to satisfy alone!

CobraRTP Honda Edition R9. Latest for Honda OBD0/1.


We should inform you that we are finishing further development of solutions for OBD0/1, and start moving towards solutions for Honda K-series.

And the latest of its kind will be the new CobraRTP Honda Edition R9!

What’s new, unlike R8 and previous ones:

-New structure that has no buffer SRAM to be real time!

-The size of the board is smaller by 5mm

-More reliable hardware

-Added vertical board fixer

At the moment, this is the simplest schematic that has only one memory chip, no separate USB-controller and no FPGA / CPLD.

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