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Our plans for 2022 / What are your suggestions?

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Recently, all efforts have been thrown into the completion of FlashOnline, as well as to overcome the difficulties with the global shortage of chips, which forced us to find new reliable suppliers and choose delivery times and ultimately fulfill orders. The cost of production increased due to the rise in prices for electronic components, but we did not change the cost of the final product.

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Live maps is already available on FlashOnline!

Siemens ms41 ms43 me7 edc15 live map tracing

Hardware table tracing is a function that allows you to keep track of which areas of memory the ECU processor is accessing. In other words, you can observe the coordinates in the maps of interest, according to which the ECU is working at a particular moment in time. To accomplish this, this function is supported in TunerPRO RT.

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Promotion of works with FlashOnline and more ...

Siemens ms43 ms42 ms41 online 29f400 programming

We are glad to inform you that all work on the first FlashOnline release is coming to an end! To date, the main tasks have been solved:

  • Write / read memory in real time without disrupting the operation of the ECU.
  • The download time for the full 512kB firmware (29F400) takes about 6-7 seconds, which exceeded all our expectations!
  • TunerPRO RT now officially fully supports FlashOnline, in cooperation with Mark Mansur, for which he has a huge respect!
  • Dual-mode firmware. This function is also implemented for the following memory types: 28F200, 29F200, 29F400

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New project: Flash Online - flash memory emulator (29F200 / 400 / 800)

flash online rtp moates roadrunner ols300

Due to numerous requests, the development of a new project was started: a real-time memory emulator for ECUs with 16-bit flash memory, such as 28F200 / 400/800 and 29F200 / 400/800 (256-1024kB).

Assigned targets:

  • Live tuning! Editing ot the MAPs/full ROM in real time mode.
  • Online software support - TunerPRO RT
  • Support for hardware table / map tracing (Address hit tracing)
  • Work with any software through CobraRTP Utility, (read / write firmware in .bin format)
  • The ability to upload and use 2 firmware (full) with subsequent switching in real time without the participation of a PC (dual mode Dual-mode)

What does it give and what is the difference from “firmware” via OBD connector (in boot mode)?

Indeed, most ECUs with this type of memory (except 28Fxxx) are easily "flashed" through the diagnostic connector (OBD), which does not require intervention in the hardware of the control unit. But, if you need not just load the finished firmware into the ECU, but adjust the ECU for an engine with a non-standard configuration?

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Online ECU tuning in TunerPRO


В данной статье речь пойдет о тюнинге ЭБУ Motronic (Bosch), GM, DSM (Mitsubishi), Jetronic и т.д.: BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, Chevrolet и не только, с внешней памятью EPROM: 27c128, 27c256, 27c512, 27f512 и т.п. Это относительно уже устаревшие ЭБУ автомобилей 80-90-х г.в. Многие тюнеры заявят, что данные ЭБУ не “чипуемые” или настройка данных ЭБУ весьма затруднительна, и лучшее решение это установка “спортивного” блока управления типа MegaSquirt, Vems, AEM, Haltech и т.д., но в силу аппаратной примитивности к счастью в настоящее время для этих авто имеются способы полноценной онлайн настройки. Для этого существуют эмуляторы памяти, которые позволяют заметить чип памяти с возможностью изменения дампа памяти (прошивки ЭБУ) в режиме реального времени посредством специального программного обеспечения для редактирования калибровок. Преимуществами настройки штатного блока управления в отличии от установки внешнего, являются: сохранение штатной системы диагностики; отсутствие необходимости в замене или переработке штатной проводки; отсутствие необходимости в замене или дополнении датчиков; нет необходимости в согласовании бортовых блоков управления с ЭБУ двигателя.

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ExTuner: AFR + EGT meter. Exhaust gas tuning

Innovate, AEM UEGO

We did not stop at real-time ECU programming and decided to start expanding our narrow specialization in the field of devices for tuning ICE control systems, and the next product was ExTuner - a system for measuring and monitoring the parameters of the air-fuel mixture (A / F Ratio) and temperature exhaust gases (EGT), as well as additional functions, such as connecting most of the sensors to monitor additional parameters (for example, boost pressure, coolant temperature, oil, etc.); signal emulation of a narrow-band oxygen sensor (0-1V); support Innovate serial protocol (LC-1 / LM-1,2) for the ability to output AFR readings to any software that supports this protocol and others.

Background. What attention was paid to when creating

It took more than a year to develop this device, when the release dates were outlined in half a year after writing the first line of code. Why? The fact is that most of the time was spent on creating a competent controller for a wideband oxygen sensor (hereinafter AFR), namely, great attention was paid to the accuracy of readings and reliability. The fact is that initially the accuracy of the AFR controller system was based on the use of the internal calibration resistance of the sensor, the resistance of which is selected during production, depending on the individual characteristics of the sensor, and during operation, the controller automatically takes into account this resistance to correct the readings. This approach is the simplest, but with its own nuances, which we will discuss below.

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CobraRTP R4 + emulator series. Overview, features and what's new


The implementation of a new revision of real-time emulators CobraRTP R4 + has begun!
This revision of all versions of the CobraRTP emulators has significant improvements in comparison with previous versions, namely:

  1. Complete absence of additional power sources (batteries).
    Starting with revision R4.0, all versions of CobraRTP emulators have a more advanced memory type (NVRAM). Of course, this significantly increases the level of reliability and practicality of the device.
  2. The outdated 8-bit AVR processor has been replaced by a modern, much more powerful 32-bit ARM processor, with the transition to which some performance and compatibility issues with individual ECUs have been resolved.
  3. Reduced dimensions of the printed circuit board, due to the use of a smaller overall element base and also due to the absence of a battery.

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CobraRTP Honda Edition R4

Moates demon

Несмотря на трудности связанные с пандемией COVID-19 мы закончили разработку и полное тестирование новой ревизии CobraRTP Honda Edition — R4!
This version, unlike the previous ones (R2-R3) does not have an additional power source (battery). R4 uses a more advanced type of memory, without the need for an additional power source for storing data (non-volatile).

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What are we working on now

cobrartp news - eeprom emulator, real time programming, hondatuningsuite, Кобра РТП

Hello, tuning community!
We do not stand still, and this time we would like to tell you about the progress of our work!

A new version of the RTP Honda Edition R4.0 is being developed, which will be more compact and will not require an additional power source (battery) 😎!

We also connected new payment methods:

  • Credit cards (payment directly on the site!)
  • Bank transfer in EUR
  • Bank transfer in USD

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