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To place an order, you need to go to the store page in the "Store" section, then select the product of interest. If necessary, select the required configuration and product variant (in most cases this is necessary):

Next, this product must be added to the cart. You will be prompted to go to your cart, or you can proceed with the purchase and add a few more items. If the product is out of stock, then you can leave a request for pre-order so that we will notify you when the product is available.

After you have added the required items to your cart, you can place your order:

In the shopping cart, you can enter and apply a coupon (if available), as well as pre-select an address and delivery method. After you have checked all the items, entered the coupon, you can place an order by clicking "Checkout". The operation is standard, you will need to enter a billing address, a shipping address, and select a shipping method and a payment method. After placing an order, we check it within 24 hours and send a message with the details of the order.

Also read the terms and conditions of the service:
Shipping and payment:

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