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Shipping and payment


Post office

  • CIS countries, as well as Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia
    1. Простое отправление:  8-12$ (в зависимости от страны назначения) 
    Срок доставки 7-14  рабочих дней.

    2. EMS: 25$
    Delivery time 3-8 business days.

  • Asia, Europe
    1. Simple departure (slow): 10$
    Delivery time 12-20 days
    2. EMS: 28$
    Delivery time 4-10 business days.

  • USA, Canada
    Regular Air Mail: 12$, 14-30 days 
    EMS: 35$
    Delivery time 10-15 business days.

For CIS countries

  1. СДЭК
  2. ТК «Энергия«

Оплата за счет клиента.

Shipping cost may be increased depending on the total weight of the order (parcel).

Представители (к сожалению на данный момент недоступно по причине COVID-19)

Delivery through our representatives is carried out in the following cities:

  •   Москва(RU), 
  •   Киев(UA).

-Оплата наличными при получении.
-Стоимость доставки-бесплатно!
-Срок доставки уточняйте связавшись с нами


  1. Online payment (100% prepayment).
    - Payment by credit card when placing an order (recommended)
    - Payment using the electronic wallet YuMoney (details are sent after placing the order)
    - Bank transfer in EUR (details will be sent after placing an order)
  2. Payment upon receipt - only some countries (the list is available at checkout)
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