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CobraRTP v3.0 Pro - the most functional flagship version of the emulator that combines all the features Honda Edition and MotronicRT, - Is Datalog (Honda / Acura), three universal analog inputs (logging in TunerPRO), Dual-Mode, and more.
Supported software:
TunerPRO, Nistune, Crome, eCtune, BRE, HTS, TurboEDIT. 


CobraRTP v3.0 Honda Edition  - A version specifically designed for Honda / Acura, a feature of which is the combination of RTP + Datalog on one USB!
Supported software: Crome, eCtune


CobraRTP MotronicRT - EEPROM emulator for tuning ECUs Motronic, Jetronic (Bosch), DSM, Siemens, GM, (BMW, Audi, Porsche, GM, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Fiat, Volvo, etc.).

Feature of this version of CobraRTP is the presence of 3 universal analog inputs, as well as the ability to upload and use 2 firmware.
Supported software: TunerPRO RTNistune(new)


Supported cars and ECU

BMW E28, E30, E34, E36-Bosch(DME) 402, 403, 405, 413, 173 и т. д.

Honda/Acura – OBD0, OBD1 – USDM/EDM/JDM: P06, P28, P30, P72 и т. д.

Audi S2, S4, S6, 200 – Motronic 2.3.2

Nissan 200SX, 240SX, Silvia S13, 300ZX, SkyLine R32 (CA18DET, RB20DET, RB25, RB26, SR20, SR16VE)

Fiat Coupe(16VT)

Volkswagen Golf, Corrado – VR6


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