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  CobraRTP(Cobra — Real Time Performance) — a series of emulators of memory chips that are installed in a regular ECU instead of a memory chip (EPROM, Flash), for tuning the ECU (firmware changesкалибровок ЭБУ) in real-time! 

  Using the emulator, the setup is much simpler and faster than using a conventional programmer. Simply put - this approach can literally be called ECU firmware “on the go” or a dyno-stand.
 This means that the introduced 
changes  during tuning, the computer can be felt in real time (RTP)! 

  CobraRTP can be positioned in different ways: firstly, as a universal emulator for tuning the ECUs of BMW, Honda, Audi, Nissan, GM, Porsche cars, etc .; secondly as an alternative Motronic Online, W.A.R. ChipHondata S300, Moates Ostrich, Demon etc., which are not so accessible, and (or) have a higher cost:

What for it is necessary?

  Let's say you are in the process of setting up the ECU (chip-tuning), it is natural for changing the calibration maps of ignition, fuel map, cut-off, etc. you need to somehow make changes to the engine control program, which is naturally located in the computer's memory, that is, in the chip. Usually this is done by removing the chip, installing it in the programmer, erasing, writing a new firmware, installing the chip back into ECU, and only after these steps you can find out the result of changes in the firmware.

But with the help of an RTP, all these actions are performed directly in the car, many times faster and  in motion!
  Thus the potential of a full-time computer is revealed, and this abstracts you from installing a third-party computer with built-in customization, which is much more complicated than installing an emulator in a regular ECU.

-CobraRTP Team:

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