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CobraRTP Honda Edition R7

The product may differ slightly from that shown in the showcase images (color, inscriptions, design).

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CobraRTP v3.0 Honda Edition - a version specially designed for Honda (Acura), with the ability to tune the ECU in real time, as well as monitor the parameters (datalog)!

The main features of the Honda Edition R7.х:

  • Real Time Programming
  • Possibility of outputting parameters (datalog) to a smartphone / tablet via Bluetooth! (NEW)
  • Ability to upload 2 full basemap and switch (dualmap mode) (NEW)
  • On board datalog adapter
  • High speed data transfer (921600 bps) and fast protocol support (4k)
  • Three analog inputs 0-5V (AUX)
  • No battery needed (non-volatile memory)
  • Updating device software from USB
  • Support OBD0, OBD1 ECUs
  • One size for all types of ECUs (USDM, EDM and JDM)

Basic set:

You can also order this product from our authorized dealers in Australia, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, Portugal and the Philippines
Contact Dealer:

Make sure the email is correct, otherwise the response will not be received.

Supported software: CromeeCtune, TunerView, HTSBRETurboEDIT

Supported ECUs
OBD1: P06, P08, P28, P29, P30 P1J, P1K, P54, P70, P71, P72, P74, P75
OBD0: PW0, PR3, PR4, PM6, PP5, PM7 (rom adapter)
Support USDM and JDM* ECUs box.

BT Datalog pairing password: 1234



- For full installation in JDM case, you need to remove or install the knock controller board above.

- Designed for Honda/Acura OBD0, OBD1 only, compatibility with other vehicles is not guaranteed!

9 feedbacks for CobraRTP Honda Edition R7

  1. Michael Miller, M-Tec Automotive

    Amazing product great price point best paired with Honda tuning suite for extra analog inputs.
    Far superior to other products I’ve used

  2. matute102002

    Inicie la búsqueda de un producto que me deje modificar mapas y termine en los sitios de los competidores, después de invertir unos días en forums y chats me tope con este producto CobraRTP. Al parecer no hay reconocimiento ni reputación en las Americas, el crédito lo tenían en Europa y Asia y entra la duda de ordenarlo o no, aun así decidí ordenarlo. Después de investigar y hacer comparaciones, por mucho este es mejor producto que la competencia para OBD0 y OBD1 a la fracción del precio. Me llego, lo instale y bueno…tiene buenas características, buen soporte técnico, gran equipo, fácil de usar, fácil de instalar simplemente funciona hace lo que quieres que haga. Tambien dicen que ya andan trabajando para la serie K, ojala que sea pronto.

    I started to search for a product that would allow me to edit maps, and well I ended up on competitor sites, took a bit of digging in forums and chats that I stumbled on this product, CobraRTP. No credit at all over in the Americas, they had credit over in Europe and Asia yet i pulled the trigger to get it. After some research this is by far hands down the best choice for OBD0 and OBD1 for a fraction of the price. After installing I was happy this thing has good features, has good support, great team, easy to use, easy install, it works! And I recommend this product over any other. And seems like they’re working on K-series, can’t wait.

  3. Maxime

    The best RTP board at a very affordable price, awesome upgrade for your obd1 ecu. Many thanks for this product.

  4. Kevin

    CobraRTP HondaEdition emulator is awesome, gets the job done for a fraction of the price of its competitors, recommend this to everyone with a oldschool Honda

  5. Bernardo Picanço

    Awesome product, comes as advertised.
    Easy to use

  6. Flávio (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Works as advertised and has excellent value for money.

  7. Anton

    Great device, but do not forget to change the battery if you ride for a long time with it. And so, the quality of the board is super, the software works perfectly! I recommend it

  8. chrisboyette (verified owner)

    i really wish it shipped with an install kit as most are ecus are chipped for square pin not round like this requires. shipping was pretty quick to works good though otherwise.

  9. arturas.

    It just works

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