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CobraRTP R4 + emulator series. Overview, features and what's new

The implementation of a new revision of real-time emulators CobraRTP R4 + has begun!
This revision of all versions of the CobraRTP emulators has significant improvements in comparison with previous versions, namely:

  1. Complete absence of additional power sources (batteries).
    Starting with revision R4.0, all versions of CobraRTP emulators have a more advanced memory type (NVRAM). Of course, this significantly increases the level of reliability and practicality of the device.
  2. The outdated 8-bit AVR processor has been replaced by a modern, much more powerful 32-bit ARM processor, with the transition to which some performance and compatibility issues with individual ECUs have been resolved.
  3. Reduced dimensions of the printed circuit board, due to the use of a smaller overall element base and also due to the absence of a battery.


Cobrartp v3, Hondata, Hondavert, Хондаверт, like Moates DemonCobrartp v4

CobraRTP Pro Black
CobraRTP Pro R4

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