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Hello community!
Спешим сообщить, что устройствами CobraRTP официально поддерживается новый софт для тюнинга ЭБУ Honda/Acura  —  Honda Tuning Suite (HTS)!

Honda Tuning Suite is free and functional enough for the average tuner. Along with the basics of setting functions, HTS delivers much more, including real-time data logging, emulation support (RTP), individual cylinder dosage, popcorn mods, reduced fuel and ignition, engine / sensor code manipulation, transmission acceleration, delay protection, vtec and i-vtec support. Wideband oxygen sensors and more!

And now, you can use CobraRTP Honda Edition or Pro with this software, for amateur or even professional tuning of Honda / Acura ECU OBD0, OBD1 and some OBD2!

Emulation for CobraRTP supports datalog and the fast data transfer protocol (Bulk write), which allows you to write all firmware (ROM 32k) to the emulator in 1-2 seconds!

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