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NisTune - already supported!

Great news for tuners Nissan (Infinity) - we added Nistune support for CobraRTP!
Nistune - A firmware editor for tuning Nissan ECUs, including in real time using ROM emulators.
From now on, with CobraRTP you can tune Nissan in real time, just like using boards Nistune board type 1, type 2 as well as type 3 (2 emulators).


-for working with Nistune, a CobraRTP software version of at least is required v20.24, and CobraRTP utility v1.98 to switch to Nistune mode (Software ID).

-CobraRTP is not a complete kit for installation in Nissan ECUs, but replaces EPROM chips, so you need to prepare an ECU or have an adapter for installing external memory (chip).

- To emulate a 16bit ECUs (with two chips), you need two CobraRTP emulators.

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