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CobraRTP Honda Edition

This is a hardware-software system designed to tuning Honda OBD1, OBD0 ECU.
Like all versions of CobraRTP, this version also allows tuning in "Real Time", which remains a very important aspect in tuning.
Small dimensions and location allow you to create a "Sports ECU" with an inexhaustible set of functions and capabilities.

A feature of this implementation is the combination of RTP + Datalog working together on one USB port!
Undoubtedly this is very convenient, rather than having a separate adapter for Datalog and two USB ports occupied (as in the case of Moates Ostrich + Extreme Hulog).
At the same time, it is possible to output datalog parameters to the mobile TunerView  via on-board Bluetooth module!
External analog inputs (AUX) allows you to expand the capabilities of the ECU to analyze additional parameters.
Also, the latest version has the ability to load several calibrations (basemap), with the subsequent ability to switch different basemap without the participation of a PC, for example, using a knife switch!

real time tuning

The advantage of tuning with CobraRTP is the ability to write calibrations (firmware) to the chip after completing the ECU tuning.
This is very important if you are an experienced tuner and customers use your services. This opportunity 
for example not available on Hondata S300.


It is important that CobraRTP Honda Edition has a considerable list of supported software to choose from, this eCtune, Crome, Honda Tuning Suite, BRE and TurboEDIT.

ectune, crome, HTS, BRE, turboedit download

34 thoughts on “CobraRTP Honda Edition”

  1. Do you plan to make a dual mode honda edition?

    Bluetooth, no battery, dual mode?

    Do you offer a v3 black with bluetooth and no battery model?

    How can i purchase a black pro. My usa dealer seems to sell honda edition only?

    • Maybe in near future.

      At the moment v3 Pro R4.0 not have battery (you can see in store). Not planning add Bluetooth to v3Pro

      You can purchase v3 Pro only from official store at the moment.

  2. Can the honda edition r6.0b take advantage of a two timer socket to use both sides of the emulated 64k chip? One 32k bin in the first half and then the second 32k bin on the address of second half of the chip? Or is the emulation a 32k chip?

    • Hello! Honda edition emulates only a 32k chip. To emulate 64k, you can use v3 Pro, which also has the ability to dualmap (dual-mode), to switch between two bin, using a jumper on the board.

  3. Recebi hoje o meu CobraRTP. Fiquei super contente pela qualidade e pelo serviço proporcionado. Mais uma vez obrigado.

  4. Hello,
    Can i tune a chipped p28 Honda ECU with Honda Tuning Suite with Cobra RTP or do i need some additional Hardware?
    And do you ship to Germany?

    Thank you.

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