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Producer:, Republic of Belarus.


FlashOnline — universal flash memory emulator 28Fxxx/29Fxxx, which allows you to programming the standard ECU in real time mode!


  • Edit firmware / calibrations in real time, even when the engine is running!
  • Officially supported software - TunerPRO RT
  • Compatible with any software such as WinOLS, RomRaider, etc. in teal time mode through CobraRTP Utility in live mode, (firmware in the .bin format)
  • Tracing tables in TunerPro RT (Address bus scanner)
  • Possibility of remote connection via Bluetooth interface
  • Ability to upload two firmware with subsequent real-time switching (dual-mode firmware)., more detailed)*
  • Storing the firmware in a de-energized state - it can be installed permanently instead of the standard flash memory chip. *

Standart kit:

For full use, you need a mini-USB cable.

User manual, software and driver

3D Models FlashOnline case (100kb)


3 - 6284$ - 297$
7 - 10271$ - 284$
10 +265$ - 277$

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Short description: the device is installed instead of the standard flash memory chip in the ECU and performs the same role, but with the ability to change data (firmware) from PC in real time during ECU operation.

Compatible ECUs: 

Flash memory 28F200, 28F400 / 29F200, 29F400, 29F800 (only SOP-44 package)

  • Siemens MS41.0, MS41.1, MS41.2, MS42, MS43, MSS52, MSS54, SIMK31-43, MS5150, EMS2000, 5WK (SMG-2)
  • Bosch ME3.8.3, M5.2.1, ME7.1, ME7.1.1, ME7.2, ME7.4.4, ME7.4.6, ME7.5, ME7.9.6, ME7.9.7, MP7, EDC15 (P/P+/C4/C6/VM), MED7.6.2
  • General Motors (GM) LS1
This list presents some of the supported ECUs, the list is wider and limited only by the type of memory installed in the ECU.

FlashOnline has been tested with the following ECUs:

Siemens MS41, MS42, MS43, MSS54, MS5150, 5WK (SMG-2); 
Bosch ME3.8.3, M5.2.1, ME7.1, ME7.1.1, ME7.2, ME7.5, EDC15C6, EDC15P+, EDC15VM

Review on MS4X Wiki
In simple words about the product on Drive2:

How do I know for sure if my ECU is supported?

To do this, you need to open the ECU and make sure that one of the supported ROM types is installed:

In this case, flash memory type 29F400 from AMD (AM29F400BB-70SE) in SOP-44 package


What does it give and what is the difference from “firmware” via OBD connector (in boot mode)?

Indeed, most ECUs with this type of memory are easily "flashed" through the diagnostic connector (OBD), which does not require intervention in the hardware of the control unit. But, if you need not just load the finished firmware into the ECU, but adjust the ECU for the engine with a non-standard Obviously, this is very dreary and will take a lot of time, if only for the reason that downloading the calibrations, and even more so the entire firmware (full), usually takes a long time (5-15 minutes).

But with this device, the firmware can be changed in real time without turning off the engine! Those. it looks like a built-in programmer in an ECU, or as some call it an "engineering ECU". You do not need to download the entire firmware every time or even the calibration area, but only those maps and parameters that you are editing at a given time, which takes a split second.
Thus, you can feel the result of changes made to the firmware (calibration) immediately after changing a specific tables (parameter)!

What parameters (maps) can I tune with FlashOnline?

A set of parameters, maps (calibrations) determines the software that you will use. The emulator is only an intermediary, like a tool in the hands of a tuner! And also it depends on the used control unit and firmware. For example, in TunerPRO RT, a set of parameters is set using an XDF (definition) file, which must correspond to the specific firmware of a particular ECU. More information here. You can also use any software and upload firmware to the emulator using our PC utility (CobraRTP Utility in live mode). 

What is the advantage over installing a third-party (standalone) ECU?

The advantages of setting up a standard control unit, as opposed to installing an external one, are: preservation of the standard diagnostic system; Knock control; no need to replace or recycle standard wiring; no need to replace or supplement sensors; there is no need to coordinate the on-board control units with the engine ECU (EWS-immobilizer, automatic transmission, dashboard, ABS, etc.).

Is WinOLS, RomRaider and other software supported besides TunerPRO RT?

You can use any editor that saves firmware in binary format (bin), and then using our utility you can upload data online using the "Live scan" or separately just as a file.

Will ECU diagnostics by OBD2 work after installing the emulator? 

Yes. The ECU "sees" the emulator as a chip, with the same firmware. The emulator does not limit the functionality of the control unit in any way, unlike a flash memory chip.

Does FlashOnline calculate the checksum?

No. You need to take care of this whenever you upload new data to the emulator.

How is this device connected to the ECU?

Since the device is a memory chip emulator, it requires installation instead of a standard chip. To connect, you need to dismantle the standard flash chip, and mount a special adapter for the emulator. As a rule, this is done using a hot air soldering station. Next, you need to connect the emulator to a PC using the USB interface, download the full firmware, and then you can configure online!

Do I need to buy a TunerPRO RT license to use FlashOnline?

No, not required. This software works with FlashOnline and our other products without a license and without any restrictions.

Do I have to use FlashOnline permanently after completing the tuning process?

No, FlashOnline uses the same firmware file as the flash memory chip, therefore, after the ECU tuning process with the emulator, you can install the chip back and write the necessary firmware (calibration) to it via the OBD connector, i.e. flash the ECU in the standard way.

Are there any analogues of this device?

Yes, there are several devices known to us that are designed for these purposes and ECUs. Today it is: Moates Roadrunner ( and EVC OLS300 (

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