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FlashOnline - a universal tool for online tuning of the ECU, which is a real-time 28FXXX / 29FXXX flash memory emulator



  • Live tuning!
  • Online software support - TunerPRO RT
  • Work with any software through CobraRTP Utility, (read / write firmware in .bin format)
  • The ability to download and use 2 firmware (full) with subsequent switching in real time without the participation of a PC (dual map Dual-mode)*
  • Storing the firmware in a de-energized state - it can be installed permanently instead of the standard flash memory chip. *

Contents of delivery:

  • FlashOnline board
  • extension cable
  • SOP-44 adapter (2pcs.)
  • CobraRTP sticker
For full use, you need a mini-USB cable.

Limitations when using FlashOnline:

- FlashOnline can indeed be installed and used instead of a memory chip on a permanent basis, but it should be borne in mind that the CR2032 battery installed on the device board serves to power the volatile memory when the device is turned off. Accordingly, the charge of this element is sufficient for 1.5-2 years.
- Dual-mod function only works in emulation mode 29f200 / 28f200, 29f400 / 28f400 (128-256kB), and is not supported for 29f800 (1024kB).
- Programming of the device is only possible via software via USB connector. Data writing via the 40-pin bus is not possible!

Not available. Pre-order

Make sure the email is correct, otherwise the response will not be received.

Supported ECUs: 

С флэш типа 28F200, 28F400 / 29F200, 29F400, 29F800 (only SOP-44 pin package)

  • Siemens  MS41, MS42, MS43, MSS50, MSS52, MSS54
  • Bosch ME7.1, ME7.1.1, ME7.4.4, ME7.4.6, ME7.5, ME7.9.6, ME7.9.7, MP7, EDC15, MED7.6.2
  • General Motors (GM) LS1
This list presents some of the supported ECUs, the list is wider and limited only by the type of memory installed in the ECU.

For August 2021 FlashOnline has been tested with the following ECUs:

Siemens MS41, MS43; Bosch ME7.1.1, EDC15C6, EDC15P+, EDC15VM,

What does it give and what is the difference from “firmware” via OBD connector (in boot mode)?

Indeed, most ECUs with this type of memory are easily "flashed" through the diagnostic connector (OBD), which does not require intervention in the hardware of the control unit. But, if you need not just load the finished firmware into the ECU, but adjust the ECU for the engine with a non-standard Очевидно это весьма муторно и займет много времени, хотя бы по той причине, что загрузка  калибровок, а тем более прошивки целиком (full) занимает как правило длительное время  (5-15 минут).

Но с помощью этого устройства прошивку можно изменять в режиме реального времени, не глуша мотор! Т.е. это похоже на встроенный программатор в ЭБУ, или как некоторые привыкли называть «инженерный блок».  Вам не обязательно каждый раз загружать всю прошивку целиком или даже область калибровок, а лишь только те карты и параметры, которые вы редактируете в данный момент времени, что занимает доли секунды.
Thus, you can feel the result of changes made to the firmware (calibration) immediately after changing a specific tables (parameter)!

What is the advantage over installing a third-party (sports) ECU?

The advantages of setting up a standard control unit, as opposed to installing an external one, are: preservation of the standard diagnostic system; no need to replace or recycle standard wiring; no need to replace or supplement sensors; there is no need to coordinate the on-board control units with the engine ECU (EWS-immobilizer, dashboard, ABS, etc.).

How is this device connected to the ECU?

Поскольку устройство является эмулятором чипа памяти, то для  работы требуется установка вместо штатного чипа. Для подключения вам необходимо демонтировать штатный чип flash, и монтировать специальный переходник под эмулятор. Как правило это производится с помощью термо-воздушной паяльной станции.
Next, you need to connect the emulator to the PC using the USB interface, download the full firmware, and then you can perform live tuning!


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