cobra rtp

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Hardware table tracing is a function that allows you to keep track of which areas of memory the ECU processor is accessing. In other words, you can observe the coordinates in the maps of interest, according to which the ECU is working at a particular moment in time. To accomplish this, this function is supported in TunerPRO RT.

Tracing works successfully in our 8-bit emulators, such as CobraRTP v1.0, v2.0; v3 Pro, MotronicRT. The principle of operation of this function is quite simple: the PC software requests a certain range of addresses (of the card of interest) to the emulator, the emulator processor, in turn, monitors the address bus, and when the address is in the specified range, it returns a specific address from the specified range. On the other hand, a sufficiently powerful platform is required to implement this function.

This function is available starting from the firmware of the emulator v1.20

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