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Auto-upload function in CobraRTP Utility

We want to tell you a little about the very useful "Autoload" function in CobraRTP Utility, since there are quite a few questions about how to use editors that are not directly supported, such as WinOLS, RomRaider, etc. with our memory emulators.

To do this, we have developed a feature that allows you to work with unsupported editors almost directly online. This function allows you to automatically upload the firmware file when it is changed (saved) on the PC disk. It seems to constantly monitor the file, and as soon as it is changed (saved), the utility immediately loads it into the emulator in a second!
To do this, open the same file in the utility that is opened in the editor, for example WinOLS, connect to the emulator and set the"Autoupload" box:

This way, the file in your editor will load automatically when it is changed and saved in the program. Also, a beep will sound to make sure that the file is loaded.

We will not describe how to change and save a file in other editors in this article — this is another topic, and you probably know how to do this if you have worked in other editors at least once.

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