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Announcement: CobraRTP Honda Edition R10 RTP+Datalog+FlexFuel+Knock in one device!

We are excited to announce the new Honda Edition R10!

We promised to finish developing solutions for Honda OBD0 / 1 on revision R9 and move on to developing a solution for the K-series, but since the demand for our product is only growing, we decided to improve it and give you what you really needed!

This time, it's not reducing the size, installing a new processor, or other minor improvements. This time we added two very useful additions: the Flex Fuel converter and the knock sensor interface.

With the first add - on, you have the option to connect an E85 content sensor without additional hardware for direct support in OBD1 with the Honda Tuning Suite.

The second addition makes it possible to connect a knock sensor to monitor detonation in HTS or other software! This will also allow you to use anti-knock protection in HTS. In addition, there is a direct audio output, with which you can connect headphones to "hear" the detonation!

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