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CobraRTP Utility

CobraRTP Utility —  приложение для автономной работы и обслуживания эмулятора CobraRTP.
  It allows you to upload firmware to (from) the emulator in * .bin format, which is convenient if your software does not have the ability to work with the emulator directly. (have English language) 


  • Read / write emulator memory
  • Target software switching
  • Checking device serial number
  • Test analog inputs (AUX) 
  • Testing RAM
  • Testing datalog
  • Emulator firmware update

-For utility utility is required .Net Framework   version 4.0 or higher (usually comes initially with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10). 

-The program is autonomous (Portable), so it does not need to be installed, just download it to any convenient place, unzip and run.

-The program does not have the ability to edit the firmware or somehow affect the functionality of your ECU!


Detailed information on using in manual, and can also refer to us - go

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