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CobraRTP Honda Edition R10

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Producer:, Republic of Belarus.


CobraRTP Honda Edition – solution for real-time programming of Honda OBD0/1 ECU with a wide list of capabilities!

Main features of Honda Edition R10:

  • Real-time ECU tuning
  • Datalogging on a smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth using Tunerview
  • Ability to upload 2 firmware (dual-map) and switch
  • Onboard Flex Fuel Converter (new)
  • Possibility of connecting a knock sensor for monitoring (new)
  • Audio output for headphones (knock signal)
  • Configurable analog output 0-5V (E85 content/knock sensor signal)
  • Configurable analog input 0-5V
  • Support OBD0, OBD1
  • Compatible with USDM, EDM and JDM case

Basic kit:


  • USB type-B cable not included
  • They are not used independently and serve as an integral part for other technical means (car ECU)

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What's new compared to R9:

  • Added Flex Fuel converter to support E85 fuel in OBD1 ECU
  • Added the ability to connect knock sensors (monitoring and control)
  • Added 0-5V analog output (E85 content/knock sensor signal)
  • Added audio output for direct connection of headphones to listen to detonation

Supported software:
 CromeeCtune, TunerView, HTSBRETurboEDIT

Supported ECUs
OBD1: P06, P08, P28, P29, P30 P1J, P1K, P54, P70, P71, P72, P74, P75
OBD0: PW0, PR3, PR4, PM6, PP5, PM7 (rom adapter)
Support USDM and JDM* ECUs box.

BT Datalog pairing password: 1234



- For full installation in JDM case, you need to remove or install the knock controller board above.

- Designed for Honda/Acura OBD0, OBD1 only, compatibility with other vehicles is not guaranteed!

Attention! CobraRTP products are designed for use in motorsports! Use on civil transport and/or public roads is prohibited!

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