cobra rtp

Modernization. Refusal of USB controllers.

After finding some time for research activities, we decided to simplify and thereby improve our main products based on ARM microcontrollers (STM32), which are FlashOnline, CobraRTP Honda Edition and MotronicRT.


All our devices with a USB interface communicate with a PC as a USB-COM bridge (virtual COM port). To do this, we used USB controllers as separate microcircuits, which are tasked with coordinating communication between the PC and the device's processor.

What has changed?

The ARM microcontrollers that we use have a built-in USB 2.0 module, which we actually "tamed" for the necessary tasks in order to completely exclude the entire chip from the circuit.


As a result, we got a simpler schematic of our products, which means an increase in reliability, as well as a higher data transfer rate, which is very important, especially in the case of FlashOnline. For example, if you compare the download speed of 512KB firmware (type 29f400), the time decreased from 6-7 seconds to less than 1 second! In addition, installing drivers for Windows 10, 11 is not required at all.

At the moment, we have tested prototypes of the new versions of FlashOnline Rev4. 0 and CobraRTP Honda Edition R8.

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