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Firmware development

We would like to introduce you to our new section for the development and sale of control programs (firmware) for various cars of the obd 0, obd 1, and obd 2 control systems, mainly cars:

Accord 7 – 10 gen (Keihin, Matsushita)
Civic 3 – 10 gen (OBD1, Keihin, Matsushita)
Odissey (Keihin)
Element, etc.

TL, TSX, RDX, RSX, MDX, RL (Keihin, Matsushita, Motorola)

E34-E46 (Bosch/Siemens MS40-43)

And others…

  • cobra rtp
  • cobra rtp

Our long-term experience in developing and configuring ICE control systems and participating in various motorsport competitions has allowed us to create ICE control (calibration) programs for various purposes and requirements: daily operation mode, multi-purpose requirements( city , weekend races), participation in various drag racing and drift competitions, and so on. We also have a large database of ready-made firmware.
— The database of ready-made firmware will contain only those firmware that were personally developed by us and tested for all conditions and parameters of the internal combustion engine operation. In this section, ready-made firmware with improved dynamics and a remote catalyst system (Euro 2, cat off) will be available, with full system optimization. Firmware versions will also be available for diesel vehicles with improved dynamics and without Egr, dpf, MAF systems, and so on.
— In the Custom firmware section, you will create management programs (firmware) for almost any purpose and task , according to your technical specification. It will also be possible to turn off the immobilizer (immo off), which is especially important when replacing the standard motor (swap), or the ECU. In diesel cars, you will be able to disable egr, maf, break swich off and disable individual DTC (errors), and so on.
The section will be constantly developed and updated. 

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