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CobraRTP Honda Edition R4

Moates demon

Несмотря на трудности связанные с пандемией COVID-19 мы закончили разработку и полное тестирование новой ревизии CobraRTP Honda Edition — R4!
This version, unlike the previous ones (R2-R3) does not have an additional power source (battery). R4 uses a more advanced type of memory, without the need for an additional power source for storing data (non-volatile).

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What are we working on now

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Hello, tuning community!
We do not stand still, and this time we would like to tell you about the progress of our work!

A new version of the RTP Honda Edition R4.0 is being developed, which will be more compact and will not require an additional power source (battery) 😎!

We also connected new payment methods:

  • Credit cards (payment directly on the site!)
  • Bank transfer in EUR
  • Bank transfer in USD

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