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MotronicRT R6


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CobraRTP MotronicRT - universal EPROM memory emulator that allows you to tuning the standard ECU in real time mode!


  • Real Time Programming
  • Support of function "address hit tracing" (Address hit tracing)
  • USB or Bluetooth connection to PC
  • Uploading 2 different firmwares, with the ability to switch without a PC (dualmap)
  • No battery (nvSRAM)
  • The presence of 3 analog inputs (logging in TunerPRO)
  • Ease of installation. You don't need to change factory wiring, sensors, etc.

Standard kit:


  • USB type-B cable not included
  • They are not used independently and serve as an integral part for other technical means (car ECU)

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Out of stock, preorder.

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The device is an emulator of memory chips such as 27C128, 27C256, 27C512, 28F512. It is connected instead of a memory chip and performs the same role, but with the ability to change data (download firmware) in real time (online), without disrupting the operation of the ECU (the ability to change / download firmware even when the engine is running!).

Special feature of this version of CobraRTP is the availability of universal analog inputs, through which it is possible to connect some sensors (AFR, TPS, MAP, etc.) for logging parameters in TunerPRO RT in the form of graphs, virtual instruments, for the purpose of recording parameters and further analysis!

It is also possible upload two firmware (ROMs), followed by switching between them, for example using a switch or a jumper (without a PC)! Of course, this is very convenient, for example, for creating sports + city modes (calibrations).

Supported software in RTP mode: TunerPRO RTNistune (Вы также можете использовать любое другое ПО и далее загружать прошивки с помощью нашей утилиты  –  CobraRTP Utility with Autoupload feature))

All ECUs with EPROM memory type 27c128-27c512 as well as Flash 28F512 are supported. These are cars from about 1984 - 1997. (OBD1)

Some of the supported ECUs are:

: Motronic m2.3.2  (TunerPRO RT)

BMW (E28 / E30 / E34 / E36): Bosch (DME) (last 3 digits of marking):
400, 402, 403, 404, 405, 413, 506, 283, 352, 153, 156, 173, 175, 179, 282, 990, 070, 071, 073
Siemens: MS40.0, MS40.1 (TunerPRO RT)

Fiat (93-96'): Coupe 16V Turbo, Punto GT (TunerPRO RT)

GM (87-95): 1227727, 1227730, 1227748, 1227749, 1228321, 1227752, 12282531227165, 1227277, 16195699, 16197427 (TunerPRO RT, C.A.T.S. RT Tuner )

Mitsubishi (DSM, 89-99'): 1G E931, 2G, 4G (CE9A, CD9A) — Galant VR-4, Lancer, Colt, Eclipse, Talon, Laser, EVO 123, 3000 GT, etc (TunerPRO RT)

Porsche (87-92') DME: 075, 506, 509 (944 Turbo, 928 GT, 911 C2) (TunerPRO RT)

Nissan (Infinity): B13/S13/S14, B13 200SX, 240SX, Z32, 300ZX, SkyLine, N13 Pulsar, (Q45/VH45, M30/VG30E, CA18DET, RB20DET, RB25, RB26, SR20DET, SR20VE, SR16VE, VG20/30, CA24E) 
ECU: 23710-xxxxx, A1x-xxx-xxx  (TunerPRO RT, Nistune)
Note: to emulate a 16 bit (2 chip) ECU, you need 2 CobraRTP emulators and an expansion board (daughterboard). 

Volkswagen: Golf, Corrado — VR6 (Digifant 1). (TunerPRO RT)

Volvo (Jetronic): LH 2.2, 2.4, Bosch: 511, 554, 556, 560, 913, 937, 954, 984 (TunerPRO RT)

ВАЗ (Лада): Мотроник — М1.5.4, M1.5.4N; Январь 4.1, Микас 5.4

Magnetti Marelli: IAW P8 (27c128-27c256)

The list is wider, restrictions are only on the type of memory used.

How do I know for sure if my ECU is supported?

To do this, you need to open the ECU and make sure that one of the supported ROM types is installed:

EPROM 27c256


What are the features of this device?

  In hardware, the emulator performs the same role in the ECU as the chip in which the ECU control program (firmware) is stored, but with the ability to change the data (firmware) in real time.
  Based on this, the emulator will have the same set of tuning functions as the firmware editing application. Usually this is the ability to change the fuel supply (AFR), adjust the ignition, cutoffs (rev-limit), Vanos operating modes, etc. 
  Thus, the emulator allows you to unleash the potential of a regular engine control unit, and this can save you from installing third-party ECUs, such as MegaSquirt, Vems, AEM EMS, etc.
  In simple terms, the above can be called "on the fly" chip tuning. 

You can find out the specific list of available parameters in TunerPRO RT for your ECU by downloading the program itself and the corresponding XDF file, which contains a set of parameters (maps). You can download the assembly of firmware (bin) and XDF files on our сайте... Brief instructions for using TunerPRO RT here.

You can also use any other software that saves the firmware in bin format using our program CobraRTP Utility with Autoupload feature).

  Additional features are: address hit tracing(Address hit tracing) data in TunerPRO RT, dual-map firmware, as well as analog inputs included MotronicRT and v3.0 Pro

Watch the MotronicRT review video at the end of the page.

What is the advantage over installing a third-party (standalone) ECU?

The advantages of setting up a standard control unit, as opposed to installing an external one, are: preservation of the standard diagnostic system; Knock control; no need to replace or recycle standard wiring; no need to replace or supplement sensors; there is no need to coordinate the on-board control units with the engine ECU (EWS-immobilizer, automatic transmission, dashboard, ABS, etc.).

Do I need to upgrade ECU for CobraRTP?

  Upgrade and installation in Siemens MS40.1, see here: перейти…

  Nissan: for 8bit ECU (1 chip) study: перейти… For 16bit ECU (2 chips) you need daughterboard

  For Motronic DME (Bosch) improvements are not needed. All you have to do is remove the stock chip and install an emulator instead.

Is the emulator suitable for turbo engines or after installing turbocharger?

From the above - this device has no direct connection with the configuration of the engine, including the turbocharger and its electronic part (valves, sensors, etc.). First of all, it is a device
which makes it possible to adjust the stock parameters (block firmware
engine control) online.
Naturally, after installing the turbocharger, it is necessary to adjust the control system (ECU), and this is the fuel supply, ignition, operating modes, etc. for which the emulator is intended.
Therefore, this question is incorrect, although it is asked quite often.

Is it possible to write ROM to the chip after using CobraRTP?

Yes, it is possible. The firmware is stored in the CobraRTP memory in the same form as in the chip. 
Therefore, after tuning, you can simply write the final firmware to the chip using the EPROM programmer. You can get the firmware in * .bin format from CobraRTP using CobraRTP Utility with Autoupload feature).

Is it possible to use the emulator all the time, or is it necessary to write the firmware to the chip after configuration?

Yes, you can constantly use (ride with the device) the emulator, as well as the chip, because firmware is stored in memory
For versions with a battery, the firmware is stored for about 5-6 years due to the discharge of the battery, for versions without a battery (revision r4 +) with NVRAM memory, the firmware is stored for at least 25 years without turning on.

What software (program) for tuning do I need?

  For BMW, Audi, Opel, VW, etc. fits TunerPRO RT  Is a universal editor of standard ECU firmware that works with various equipment, including ROM emulators.
To work with a specific ECU, you need a firmware (bin) and the corresponding map and table definition file (xdf). All this can be obtained on the off. site:
Обзор TunerPRO:
Also TunerPRO partially in Russian you can download on our site.

For Nissan — Nistune or TunerPRO RT.

If you use any other editor, for example WinOLS, then using CobraRTP Utility with Autoupload feature) you can quickly upload firmware to CobraRTP online (RTP).

What alternatives exist today?

Analogues known to us are Moates Ostrich (discontinued) and Pocket ROMulator.

See reviews in our instagram!

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Attention! CobraRTP products are designed for use in motorsports! Use on civil transport and/or public roads is prohibited!

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