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Refinement of Siemens MS40.1 and installation of the emulator.

  1. Installation of power jumpers.
    To do this, you must install a jumper between the 32 and 30 socket contacts under the chip, as shown in the figure below, using a small piece of insulated wire, soldering its ends from 32 to 30 contacts, respectively.
MS40.1 XDF, chipping, чиповка, чип тюнинг, прошивка
Siemens MS40.1

2. Connecting an emulator.
The emulator is installed using
Socket-extension, as shown in the photo below.
It is important to note that the socket in the computer has 32 pins, so the emulator connector must be installed downwards, with an offset of 2 pins.

Ostrich Siemens
Siemens MS40

3. Output plume.
For convenient installation of the emulator, the cable can be removed from the computer body to any convenient place.

siemens 40.1 установка чипа
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